Setting: The Forgotten Realms
Time: 1480DR (Dale Reckoning)

An unlikely band of adventurers who somehow came together to quest for fame and fortune, and now can’t seem to get rid of each other. Displaying amazing combat prowess when facing encounters with dangerous foes, the group is known for their braggadocio and shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later style of diplomacy. While not a necessarily skilled lot, these intrepid heroes have managed to overcome quite a few challenges of skill and turn the tide at every opportunity.

While the gang is currently finishing up a quest involving multi-planar travel and rescuing Azers, many questions still remain:

  • Who or what is the hermit in the woods?
  • Have the Lost Children Gang taken notice of Vincent?
  • What are the meaning of the tattoos on Bruce Bruce’s shoulders and back?
  • Was there any lasting damage from the transportation of Torendil through the looking glass?
  • Will Pyran’s past finally catch up to him?
  • What’s the color of Lispeth’s right shoe?

Harbinger of Doom

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